Responsible Lending

How is responsible?

We ensure that we only lend to customers when we know they can afford our products, that’s why we are so diligent with our application process and checks behind the scenes.

We provide you with a service that solves some of life’s little problems when they come up while at the same time always making sure you can afford it. The last thing we want to do is place you under more financial stress than you first had.

Do your research and if you think is suitable for you, apply now, you will find the easiest online application on our Moblile Application form in India and a level of customer service that is only offered by

We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

We do a credit history check, Social scoring and have a look through your bank statement to determine your eligibility for Cash Loans.

You will notice on your loan agreement that there is a consent form as part of the document so you don’t need to do anything further.

Leave it up to us and our system to do all the processing and make sure we are confident you can afford our small cash loans. At the end of the day that’s our job, yours is to get on with your life with no financial worries.

Below are a few more examples of how values responsible lending above anything else.

We’re transparent. All of our costs are out in the open. We are totally transparent with our fees and allow you to make the final decision, no hidden fees to drop on you after you accept the loan like other lenders. We’re People too. We know that problems pop up which need a quick solution that don’t lock you into long credit contracts, so we're here to help, anytime you need us.

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