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Small Personal Loans in India

The small personal loans that are talked about in India are quite deceptive in their name. You would still have to queue up at a bank, fill up the extensive paperwork, collect the supporting documentation, and keep waiting for a favorable response without knowing if you will be approved or not until the last minute, which may even take a couple of days. At most banks, there is no personal touch, you’re just another number for them. Not exactly the right scenario when you need cash in an emergency, right?

At we treat you like any of your friends in need of a little financial help. You can always chat with us online or call us on the phone to know more about our products.

Why choose a personal loan from

Lightning fast process: You want money fast, we send it to you fast. Our specially designed funding system will give you an alert when the funds are deposited so no need to wait in suspense anymore!

Simplified process: Our Mobile Applications take less than five minutes to complete. From the approval to time taken to transfer funds, everything is kept simple.

MONEYINMINUTES Club: You become a member of the MONEYINMINUTES Club by default when you take your first loan with us. After that, for every fresh loan taken from us, we give you a reduction in the monthly interest which is unheard of in this industry. You also get discounts and offers on various products and services that will increase your savings even more.

Transparency: You can make your final decision based on our totally transparent and upfront information, with no hidden costs.

Personal touch: We’re people who know what it is like to have a financial crunch so we’re always here to help you out anytime you need short term personal loan. Our team is so friendly you will be put at ease instantly.

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